The Mac Color Picker

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The Mac Color Picker is quite a useful way to choose colors, but there are a few things you can do to make things even better. If you are into web design, you may need to get the hex code of a color to use in a webpage, like #000000. There is a very useful plugin call Hex Color Picker which adds that functionality to the Color Picker. You can get it at Choose a color, then click on the # icon to get the hex code.


A feature in color picker is the image picker. You have probably seen the Spectrum graphic, but guess what, you can use any image there. Simply open Color Picker, select the Image Palettes, and then you can drag and drop any image into the box.


Mondranium is another plugin that uses Adobe Kuler as its palette source. The search funtion will pull up themes with the tags that match. If you click on the small arrow to the right of a theme, you can save it to the Apple Color List for use later. A great tool.

mondrianum2-2011-04-24-10-57 Colors-2-2011-04-24-10-57

Making a PDF File

When you want to share or email a document with someone, you may have trouble with the format of the file. For example, Pages will default to the Pages format. Now you can save a Pages doc as a Microsoft Word doc if you wish, but if all you are doing is sending a file for someone to read, a PDF is a better choice. PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and you have probably downloaded one if you get a form to fill out online. A PDF will preserve any formatting you have, and also make it easy for your recipient to print out the document. Mac OS X has PDF support built into the OS, and is accessible from almost everyr program on your Mac. If you can print a document from a program, you can create a PDF.
From the FILE menu, select PRINT. You are presented with the printing dialog box, and at the bottom left is a button marked PDF. Click on the arrow in the box, and you will see the following choices:


Simply select 'Save as PDF...' and you will be asked where to save the file, and you now have a PDF that you can share. Some of the other options are useful, such as 'Open in Preview' which will give you a view of the actual PDF. One note: Mac tends to save high quality PDFs so the file size can get large on bigger documents with a lot of graphics.
The uses of PDFs are numerous. If you are browsing a webpage that you want to save, you can just print it to a PDF for later viewing. Along those lines, you will notice that there is a 'Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder' option. When you want to just save a document like a web page quickly without the dialogs which ask the name of the file, etc, just select this option. Mac will put a PDF of the page directly in a folder called 'Web Receipts' inside your Documents folder. Handy for saving things quickly.